Trigger Point Myotherapy

At times, muscles can become very painful and sore. Properly applied pressure to specific points help to greatly reduce the pain and help increase mobility. It will also help to calm your nervous system and relax exterior muscle tension. Along with chiropractic adjustments, trigger point myotheraphy can reduce pain so you feel your best and increase your flexibility.

What is Trigger Point Myotherapy?

Myotherapy involves pressing on small, constricted, sore points that trigger pain in areas away from the points. For example, a tense, painful knot of muscles in the neck might cause pain in the head. In this case, myotherapy would involve pressing on the knotted neck muscles to decrease pain in the head.

How does Trigger Point Therapy work?

Trigger Point Myotherapy, also known as Neuromuscular therapy, works by relaxing the muscle in order to release stored lactic acid and encourage blood and oxygen circulation to the muscle to avoid the production of more lactic acid.

How are Trigger Points created?

It is believed that Trigger Points are created by injuries, muscle strain and emotional stress. Sometimes trigger points can lie dormant and don't cause pain until they are activated by physical or emotional stress.

Will the Trigger Points go away?

Yes. Through many sessions of myotherapy, trigger points can be eliminated. It is important to take preventative measures like muscle stretching and decreasing stress to keep trigger points from returning.

Trigger Point Myotherapy in Wexford, Gibsonia, the North Hills, Pine & Marshall Townships

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